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What is Fulhum?

FulHum Mineral Infused Alkaline Water is a pure, natural, proprietary blend containing both fulvic and humic acids, mined from deep within the earth’s surface.

Why is Fulhum Black?

FulHum contains no colors or preservatives. The black color is 100% natural and comes from Humic, one of the key ingredients in FulHum Mineral Infused Alkaline Water.

Where does Fulhum come from?

Ancient seas and lakes, rich in abundant seaweed, kelp and vegetation which died and drifted down to the lake and ocean floors. Over millions of years and volcanic changes in the earth, these deposits were entombed in shale. This shale creates a natural safe, keeping the rich FULHUM mineral deposits pristine and protecting them from being compressed into dense carbon products.

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