We meet. We connect. We fall in love.

The team at Lost Pearl Creative loves creating brands that your audience will connect with and fall in love with. We want you to stand out from your competitors and attract loyal brand followers. We have a diverse team with unique tools, but all of the team carries the same passion for using their own creativity to accomplish this.

Marie Linne von Berg
Creative Director
Intrigued by artistic projects since I was little, I have transformed this hobby into a career that I am extremely passionate about. Through advertising and design, I am able to exercise my artistic ability while helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. I am able to use my strategic mindset to build a foundation of reasoning behind all our design and marketing projects.

Additionally, I have a passion for becoming a positive force in the world around me, both locally and abroad. Combining my talent and this passion, I am able to make difference in people’s lives through my artistic abilities in the form of low cost services for our non-profit clients, in addition to volunteering and service trips on the side.

I am someone who is extremely driven towards personal achievement. After being told by the head of my university’s communication department that double majoring in Creative Advertising and Strategic Advertising was not possible while working a full-time job, I did exactly that and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

World traveler. Yorkie lover. Food connoisseur. Clothing collector. Ice cream smuggler. Fitness fanatic. Passionate designer.

Kyle Shelton
Digital Marketing Director

After 12 years of working in the IT field building telecommunications networks, I discovered something much more fulfilling. With a desire to help others, I spend my days showing passionate business owners how to build their digital footprint to increase their exposure, drive sales, and grow their companies. Using data analytics to measure and adjust our marketing approach, we generate phenomenal results for our customers. My mission is to turn clicks into customers.

When I’m not busy corralling my two young daughters, I love to hunt, fish, play poker, and watch sports. I am a pizza addict and enjoy life one day at a time.

Brian Wood
Creative Technology & Experience Design
All roads lead me to my passion: making great things for people. Beyond simply building, I design experiences, journeys. Every project is about telling a story and engaging an audience. Web, video, audio, print, it’s all about getting a message across and connecting with people. That’s when the job is done.

When I’m not crafting experiences, I’m working for my home church, playing my guitar (badly), or spending time with my family.

Lauren Hull
Art Director
I have always been fascinated with the intuitive, the subliminal and the subtle reinforcing messages found in effective design. As a deep analytic thinker with a knack for observing people, I think about how design is perceived by others, so that my design can be effective and leave a positive lasting impression. I focus on the details and the small qualities of a business where the hidden treasure is, and bring it to light.

When I am not designing, I am spending time with my husband, singing and playing guitar at open mics, watching TED talks, developing my photography skills, and caring for my boston terrier.

Tiffany Murphy
Designer & Copywriter
There’s a quote by David Carson that I love: “Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.” Like a good song you can’t get out of your head, creativity is the heartbeat of my soul.

In addition to design, I have a passion for writing, social media, digital marketing, and creative business solutions. As a part of the Lost Pearl Creative team, I am a motivated and energetic professional who enjoys the fast pace of the creative world. My personal mission is constant self-improvement: I love brainstorming big ideas and perfecting every little detail to get them just right.

In my spare time, I’m active in causes that are important to me. I champion civil rights as a voter registrar and precinct chairperson, and I volunteer with Texas Center for the Missing. I’m also an avid reader, amateur chef, vintage enthusiast, and baseball fan.

George Michael
Executive Counsel
As Lost Pearl Creative’s Executive Counsel, I provide insight and expertise as a recognized leader in corporate and marketing strategy and business development.

Founding Michael & Partners Public Relations in 1998, my agency grew to be among the top ten firms in Texas before it was sold to the employees in 2004. The firm now operates under the name HCK2. Before that, I began MBRK Advertising in 1983, also growing that agency to be among the top ten in Texas. MBRK is now part of Publicis, the third largest agency in the world.

I have had the pleasure of working with leading companies across numerous industries, including American Airlines, Dr Pepper, EDS, Ernst & Young, Frito-Lay, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott Corporation, Mary Kay, Methodist Hospitals, Nationwide Insurance, NEC, Neiman Marcus, St. Jude Medical, Strasburger & Price and Zale Corporation.

I hold a doctorate and a master’s degree in marketing and a bachelor’s degree in engineering, all from Northwestern University.